U of T leads global university efforts to address climate change


The U7+ Alliance of World Universities, of which the University of Toronto is a founding member, says it will take action on climate goals coming out of the COP26 conference in Glasgow.

In a recent statement, U of T President Meric Gertler and the presidents of 28 other universities from 12 countries declared that the alliance “recognizes that climate change is a global challenge that presents serious threats to natural environments, human health, security, and economic stability.”

The alliance also emphasized the disproportionate impact climate change is having on vulnerable communities, leading to displacement, lost livelihoods, food insecurity and adverse health impacts – and the need to engage youth in finding solutions.

“We recognize that actions taken now will determine the lives of young people far into the future,” the statement reads.

The universities’ commitment to climate action, which U of T developed in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh and Université PSL, rests on two main pillars: pursuing ambitious action to reduce and offset their greenhouse gases emissions; and ensuring that more students have access to sustainability courses and co-curricular activities engaging diverse perspectives.

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Learn more about U of T’s Climate Positive plan and its divestment from fossil fuels.

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