U of T a global leader in sustainability, says Ontario Chamber of Commerce

Developing solutions to address climate change represents a huge opportunity for Ontario – and the University of Toronto can play a key role in helping to lead the way.

That was the message delivered by David Sinton, a professor of mechanical engineering in U of T’s Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, during a recent panel discussion held in connection with the release of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s latest policy report on sustainability.

The report, which features U of T’s sustainability actions, calls U of T “a global leader in demonstrating and promoting sustainability.” It highlights the university’s many climate-oriented initiatives – from divesting from fossil fuels in its $4 billion endowment fund, to building green infrastructure and undertaking research into new clean technologies that can help Ontario industries dramatically curb emissions.

Sinton spoke about how U of T is embracing sustainability through research, operations and teaching, including the “living lab” model, and is taking steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The hope is to inspire other large public and private organizations to do the same. 

For example, U of T recently announced plans to make its St. George campus climate-positive by 2050, meaning it will curb more emissions than it emits.

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