U of T leads efforts to address climate change

Through research and education, as well as a growing number of sustainability initiatives, the University of Toronto is committed to playing a leadership role in addressing climate change – and is encouraging students to expand their knowledge of the issue.

With climate strikes scheduled to take place around the world this week and next, U of T students can take part in any number of community initiatives, on or around campus, that promise to deliver climate-oriented education and advocacy.

“We believe that as an institution, we have a crucial role to play in meeting the growing climate challenge,” says Provost and Vice-President Cheryl Regehr.

“U of T has an opportunity to lead by example, through exemplary research, education, student initiatives and concrete policies and actions, with ambitious targets for reduction in greenhouse gases and our carbon footprint.”

U of T Mississauga plans to host several related events, including a climate change teach-in, climate talks and a climate change summit. U of T Scarborough will be hosting a teach-in on Sept. 25 for faculty and students to engage in conversation about a number of topics around climate change.

“We encourage students to use the opportunity of the climate-related events going on at U of T and in the community to learn more about climate change and climate action,” says John Robinson, U of T’s presidential advisor on the environment, climate change and sustainability, 

As an institution, U of T is among the growing number of organizations – in both the private and public sectors – that have decided to take action on an issue of global importance.

U of T President Meric Gertler earlier this summer took the lead in sustainability discussions during a meeting of 47 university leaders in Paris in advance of the G7 Summit in Biarritz. He also briefed French President Emmanuel Macron on concrete actions universities were committing to take in order to tackle the challenge of climate change.

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