Political Participation Resources

(Students participating in a City of Toronto workshop on urban innovation at the University of Toronto Scarborough.) 

Multiple avenues exist for students, staff and faculty who want to get involved in political or community organizations in volunteer, staff or candidate roles. Some of these resources are collected below:

Volunteering in Politics

Undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in political science can consult a list of opportunities curated by the Department of Political Science.

If you are interested in working for a political party in roles such as constituency assistant, legislative assistant, policy advisor, or communications assistant, you may benefit from volunteering in your local MP/MPP’s constituency office, and/or during an election.

The UTSC Department of Political Science at UTSC offers suggestions on how to find positions with political parties at the provincial or federal levels, in North American and global government agencies and with community organizations.

The Prime Minister’s Youth Council is a group of young Canadians who provide non-partisan advice to the Prime Minister and the Government of Canada. 

University of Toronto Students Council provides links to clubs and organizations on campus that encourage students’ political participation

Volunteering in the Community

Community Action Projects from the Centre for Community Partnerships match U of T students with non-profit and public sector organizations to address community-identified priorities. 

Other resources: https://www.socialplanningtoronto.org/community_engagement

Increasing participation and inclusive representation in government

Government of Ontario Post-Secondary Model Parliament: The Legislative Assembly of Ontario’s Post-Secondary Model Parliament is an educational program designed for civic-minded university and college students who are interested in current events and provincial issues. 

CivicAction’s DiverseCity Fellows program is an award-winning leadership experience for rising leaders in the GTA who are looking to supercharge their leadership skills and network, explore urban issues, and discover how to make a positive change in their communities.

Equal Voice is a national, multi-partisan organization advocating for equal representation of women in Parliament, provincial and territorial legislatures and on municipal and band councils. 

UofT Student Life offers more info on campus clubs/ leadership workshops. 

Community Volunteer Opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic

University of Toronto has put together a non-exhaustive list of volunteer opportunities in the GTA, aimed at anyone interested in helping combat the virus whether they are part of the U of T community or the general public.

University of Toronto Scarborough and the City of Toronto are supporting the recruitment of volunteers for GlobalMedic, who are packing hygiene kits and emergency food to support vulnerable people and front line healthcare workers across Canada.

Where can students find more information about Civic Engagement?  

If youre on twitter, follow #UofTVotes to be first to hear about voting on campus  

St. George: Student Life – Centre for Community Partnerships 

UTSC: Office of Partnerships and Community Engagement 

UTM: Centre for Student Engagement  

Voter Registration

Voter registration continues in the periods between elections. Check if you're registered to vote in upcoming elections, or change your information; Canada, Ontario, Toronto, Mississauga