Canada’s online learners excel in global rankings

A new Global Skills Index designed by Coursera, the global online learning platform, ranks Canada as cutting-edge in business and data science skills and competitive in technology skills. Coursera created the rankings by analyzing its data on learners’ skill profiles, based on performance and course difficulty.

Coursera provides over 3,000 courses – including U of T courses on the technology of self-driving cars and iOS app development – to 40 million students around the globe. According to the report, most people live in countries that are lagging when it comes to these highly sought-after skills.  What should countries do to remain competitive in the new economy, focused on AI and automation?

Keep “pace with the fundamental market shifts [that] will demand coordinated investments in skill development.”

Global Skills Index (GSI) | Coursera

Discover the skills of tomorrow – and where to find them. The Coursera Global Skills Index (GSI) unites Coursera’s deep expertise in data and education to highlight the world’s top trending career skills.

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