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Students work in a simulation lab at the Faculty of Dentistry. (Noreen Ahmed-Ullah)

The University of Toronto is internationally renowned as the birthplace of insulin in 1921, a discovery that changed the lives of millions. In the hundred years since, researchers at the University have invented the world’s first electronic pacemaker, discovered transplantable stem cells, and identified genes responsible for early-onset Alzheimer’s, revolutionizing health-care delivery in Canada and globally.

Federal and provincially supported research has allowed our faculty and students to advance health care. The University’s researchers are working at the intersection of health-care research and policy, ensuring that advances in AI, for example, increase both efficiency and accountability to patients.

As well as public support, our work has been recognized by our generous private donors, including the Rogers family and the Labatt family.

Minister Bains congratulates U of T’s Medicine by Design on advancing precision medicine research

Federal innovation, science and industry minister Navdeep Bains congratulated the Medicine by Design community on its successes at the regenerative...

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U of T helps keep community healthy with on-campus flu shot clinics

Students, staff and faculty got a head start against this year’s flu virus, taking advantage of campus clinics to get...

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U of T Susan Chatwood celebrated for work on public health in Arctic

Having spent her early years in Labrador, the North was always part of Susan Chatwood’s circle of friends and family....

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U of T researchers measure blood pressure using a smartphone

A study led by University of Toronto researchers, published today in the American Heart Association journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging, found...

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U of T researchers evaluate solutions for hallway medicine in Ontario

Researchers from the University of Toronto are launching a multi-pronged research project that aims to help the province of Ontario...

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U of T provides global leadership at summit in Paris

At the U7 alliance summit in Paris earlier this month, leaders from the U7+ universities committed to addressing collectively five...

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U of T student-led team wins international self-driving car challenge for second year in a row

U of T student-led team, aUToronto, wins international self-driving car challenge for second year in a row. aUToronto is composed...

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Kids explore their 'superpowers' at UTM's Bring Our Kids to Work day

U of T welcomed more than 450 students in grades four to seven for “Bring Our Children to Work Day”...

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AI discovers poverty and chronic stress increase diabetes risk

Drawing on machine learning and artificial intelligence for her research, Laura Rosella, an epidemiologist and associate professor at the University of...

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Family doctors keep Toronto healthy

The recently released University of Toronto Family Medicine Report shows a wider variety of ailments are being treated by family...

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